Rick Miera for NM

Building strong neighborhoods and healthy communities


My name is Rick Miera, and I am running for Lt. Governor of New Mexico. I will be a strong voice of reason to help make our state government more responsive to the people of New Mexico.

For over 40 years I worked as a therapist, drug counselor and behavioral health advocate primarily to young adults. I have witnessed many of the hardships that too many New Mexicans live through daily. It is not right that hardworking New Mexicans struggle to put food on the table despite working two or three jobs.

As New Mexicans, we pride ourselves on our resiliency and ability to overcome challenges. As your Lt. Governor, I will work tirelessly to ensure that every hard-working person can earn enough to support their family and that every child has access to an exceptional education.

It’s time to put our families first and invest in our communities so that our youth will have a future full of opportunity and success.