Rick Miera for NM

Building strong neighborhoods and healthy communities


Rick's Priorities

As a community member, counselor, and leader, I understand the struggles that hardworking New Mexicans face. As your Lt. Governor, I will fight to provide our children with an exceptional education, work to improve our economy for everyone, and ensure our communities are healthy and safe for our families.

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Having access to a first rate education should not be a privilege based on income or zip code, but available to all of our youth so that they can have the tools they need to succeed in our 21st century economy.

  • Invest in our kids at a younger age through early childhood education
  • Increase the amount of instructional time with hands-on projects rather than teaching to the test
  • Invest in vocational training to retool our workforce through public-private partnerships
  • Meet and listen to the needs and priorities of our teachers so New Mexico can train and retain the best
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Jobs and Our Economy

It’s unfair that too many hardworking New Mexicans struggle to provide for their families. Building a strong, local economy that works for everyone means investing in New Mexicans. As Lt. Governor, I will make sure we prioritize investing in our communities so all New Mexicans can have an equal chance of success.

  • Raise the minimum wage
  • Invest in training and apprenticeship programs so workers can gain the right skills for the 21st century economy.
  • End big tax breaks for the well-connected and special interests
  • Support our local business – not out-of-state corporations
  • Invest in social enterprise partnership opportunities

Healthy Communities

Strong families make strong communities, that’s why I will work to ensure New Mexicans feel safe in their own neighborhood and that they have the support they need to live healthy and productive. My experience will be a valuable asset to tackle drug addiction and help solve our behavioral health crisis, creating stronger communities, but saving the state money.

  • Champion programs that provide New Mexicans with the support they need to battle drug addiction and behavioral health issues such as drug treatment in jails and mental health intervention in juvenile detention facilities
  • Reverse the damage done to New Mexico’s behavioral health system by the Martinez administration by reinstating local providers
  • Partner with state, federal, and the private sector to provide healthcare for all